There are few composers who can get a concert hall rocking and dancing feet moving better than Alberto Ginastera. Performing his music requires a unique combination of classical virtuosity and sense of rhythm. This is the first Norwegian recording of Ginastera’s Harp Concerto, Op. 25 and “Variciones concertantes”, Op. 23, performed here by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK) and its solo harpist Sidsel Walstad.

Sidsel Walstad describes playing the harp concerto as “climbing a mountain”. Whether it feels like that for most harpists, Walstad has the best qualifications for tackling Ginastera’s demanding rhythms and complexity. As solo harpist in the Norwegian Radio Orchestra she is exposed to a wide variety of genres, compositions and arrangements that take the harp far from classical music’s beaten path.

“Norwegian harpist Sidsel Walstad is technically and musically a force of nature. She does deliver a memorable performance that will surely become a standard against which to judge future attempts at this musical minefield. Extraordinary *****”.

“Soloist Sidsel Walstad is superb throughout”

“Walstad’s playing is eloquently dreamy and distinctively ripe in tone.
Her performance is scintillating”.

“Walstad whispers, wails, growls, hisses, and intones gloriously, leaving us eating out of her hands”.

“Sidsel Walstad makes light work of the Concerto’s technical rigours in this wonderfully spirited and sensitive interpretation, well-supported throughout by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra».

”In this attractive recording, Sidsel Walstad turns in a colorful, sharply articulated performance, with poetry and virtuosity to spare. Her coordination with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra is deft, and her cadenza in the finale is stunning”.

In 2018 Sidsel Walstad released her debut album “sidsel”. It was well received among national broadcasters, newspapers and live audiences.

The album creates moments with unique atmosphere regardless if you’re at a party, in a yoga studio or at home. The music is specifically composed for Sidsel, her harp and her two drummers, by great Norwegian songwriters.

The harps diversity will catch you by surprise – give it a listen and see how innovative Sidsel’s music is.

Sidsel LIVE in Oslo!

The Nordic Harp Beat from Belleville, Cosmopolite 2018
Sidsel Walstad, electric harps
Marcus Lewin, drums
Arild Torvik, percussion

Beauty&The Beast, First Date: Sindre Hotvedt
Honour: Ingrid Kindem
Maoros: Eirik-André Rydningen
Bring to You: Hallvard Vaaland

Sound: Morten Skanche
Lights: Eirik Grønvold
Video rec: Andreas Eggen and Jørn Broll
Video Edit: Bjørn Frode Holmgren and Bakken Filmproduksjon.

A New Start

Music video, with Rasmus Brøgger

Sidsel Walstad electric harp
Marcus Lewin drums
Arild Torvik percussion

Produced by Hallvard Vaaland
Electric harp recorded in «Paradiset på Løkka» by Hallgrim Bratberg
Drums and percussion recorded in NRK by Øystein Halvorsen
Mixed by Børre Flyen og Hallvard Vaaland.
Mastering: Propeller by Morgan Nicolaysen.
Recording studio: NRK Radio House. 

Music video credits:
Produced by Lucky View
Director: Magnus Norsted
Producer: Christoffer Wæraas Pettersen
Location: Kanonhallen, and Ål in Hallingdal, Norway.

Rasmus Brøgger


Sidsel Walstad electric harp

Music by Hallvard Vaaland
Mixed and produced by Hallvard Vaaland
Mastering by Propeller: Morgan Nicolaysen
Harp recorded by Hallgrim Bratberg

Music video credits:
Video by Lucky View
Location: Oslo Filmstudio, Dagslys

Sigyn Sætereng, Amisha Kumra, Alma Apenteng

Premiere! Artists meet artists:

Sidsel Walstad and Ibou Cissokho

What happens when artists who don’t know each other meet for the first time? What questions are asked, how does the conversation go and will there be improvisation on the instruments? Hilde Ljøen leads the conversation. A series in six episodes, presented by Global Oslo Music.